Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A messy Cornell win

I'll take it, but I'm still waiting to see a box score to see what penalties the referee (a newcomer I don't recall seeing before) called at the end of the game. A fight broke out at the buzzer, after the referee had really let the game get out of hand towards the end, and there were some penalties to be issued... but instead of giving the penalties to the scorekeeper, so they could be announced, the ref took the game scoresheet from the scorekeeper. (Arthur did not look amused.)

RIT goalie Jocelyn Guimond was really quite impressive, and did an outstanding job stopping many of Cornell's barrage of shots. Luckily, Dave McKee was just a little better... and in fact had one absolute stunner of a save. His arm flashed back over his shoulder, and came forward again with a puck that had essentially gotten past him... just not far enough past.

It was fun going to [info]The Nines and the game with zercool and Ryan; Ryan's a fun kid, though he has some odd ideas about what constitutes food. He didn't like corn nuggets! What's not to like? :-)

Seeing pickled_cotton and Jeff and pkdan was a nice surprise; we saw Teresa on the way into the rink, and I heard keeyoo was there with her mom, as well, but I didn't see them. And Laura and Jim used Anne's tickets, which she FedExed to me late this week. It's Jim's birthday, and they headed home after the game for a late dinner, the meatloaf he'd requested.

Still no box score, and no e-mail from the sports information director with the game summary yet.

The day started with breakfast with seity1, including some fantastic fresh sausage from roosterhillfarm and last night's outstanding new "Battlestar Galactica" episode, and I'm thinking I'll be heading to sleep before too long.

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