Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Because you all seemed curious...

Tonight's pre-opening dinner at [info]Joe's Restaurant was great! Denise and Brian and Robin and I were lucky enough to get tickets for tonight, and were able to try a whole bunch of different things.

I'm not ready to write a real review of Joe's yet, because they're frankly not quite up to speed yet. Lots of little things weren't right tonight, but lots of big things were perfect. The entire staff was trying hard and working hard, but let's face it, they were swamped, and all things considered, they did great. Our entrées took a very long time to come out, but were delicious when they arrived. (Next they need to work on serving them hot!)

The good news was that the salad and bread came out almost instantly, and appetizers arrived soon after; we weren't left to starve while waiting for food. The waitress even offered us a complimentary round of drinks to apologize for the delay; at that point, I hadn't even begun to feel that I'd been waiting. (By the time the dishes arrived, I admit it had seemed like quite a while.)

Denise and I split the Chicken Vincente, my all-time favourite dish at Joe's featuring chicken and eggplant parmigiana layered with ricotta; and pasta carbonara. The Chicken Vincente was really the coldest of the items we got, but was absolutely delicious! I've tried to get other restaurants to reproduce this, but none has succeeded.

When we arrived, the place was a zoo, as packed in the bar area as I've ever seen it, with folks waiting to be seated. Everything looks fantastic after some intensive renovations throughout the fall; apparently the building was not in great shape. The energy and effort displayed were fantastic, and I consider tonight a good sign that they will do well. I look forward to visiting again and seeing how things settle down.

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