Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

False alarm?

I'm glad when I left this afternoon's meeting on campus I decided to get down to [info]Willow to try again for a gorgy. (Last Tuesday, when they reopened after the holidays, they were out of gorgonzola!) The winter weather advisory led to a lot of after-school programs being cancelled for miles around, but there was no sign of the predicted freezing rain on the radar, and the temperature was above freezing and looked like it was going to stay that way.

In fact, there wasn't even a drizzle, and the temperatures were in the mid and upper 30s. seity1 and I finally got our gorgies, and got to try some of the stuff on the new winter menu, as well. The green tea and coconut broth was awesome, reminiscent of Thai soups. The bocadillos (Spanish along the lines of "little mouths," literally, but basically means "sandwiches") were outstanding, assembled with smoked Oregon bleu cheese, pickled red onion, and greens on crisp baguette. I opted to add the bocquerones, basically fancy anchovies, and you can get grilled chicken instead or skip both. We finished up with the new Sixth Avenue chocolate hazelnut cake dessert.

While I was waiting for Denise, I updated the web site with all of the new menu changes. Check it out! There are several more things I still plan to try; the vegetarian bolognese is high on the list.

The weather's actually cooling off, and the radar shows some serious mess heading our way, so I think the rest of the night warrants staying in. Here's hoping I don't have to wake up early to deal with more closings.

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