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Eighty Numbered Streets!

Sorry, the album name in my last post's Music link was cut off, probably when I went to use the web-based editing feature of LiveJournal to slip in an lj-cut tag to make my post less unwieldy for those viewing it on a Friends page or the like.

I'm listening to Sam Shaber's latest album, "Eighty Numbered Streets." It was released this summer, and is a fantastic blend of the music she's been performing over the last few years. The album is produced by (and includes performances with) Shawn Mullins. It begins with "Eldorado," a song I fell in love with the first time Sam played it across the table in a studio at WVBR while I was interviewing her live. [listen]

Most of the songs on here are ones I've heard before, either live or on her EP "Sam*pler" from last year, but most of it is a lot more heavily produced than I've heard it before. She usually performs solo, and the presence of a full band here makes it very different. ("Eldorado" doesn't sound quite "right." Sorry, Sam.) The notable exception is "Bare," which arrives here unadorned, simple -- bare. The contrast makes it jarringly powerful.

You need a copy. Get it from Amazon or your favourite music purveyor.

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