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Nice morning!

OK, so it hasn't been morning in a while. But Joy and her dad came over a while ago after church, and we all had breakfast. I cooked up one of the pounds of thick-cut fresh bacon from roosterhillfarm, which was just delicious, made some eggs, and Joy took the last couple of small potatoes left from the bag I got from Mo (need more, I guess) and supplemented the remaining potatoes au gratin from last week. With all that plus some toast and preserves, we did very well.

Got lots of laundry done yesterday, as well as some shopping at Best Buy (I thought I was just going for a single pair of 2-for-$20 DVDs...), and now I'm going outside to take a walk in the gorgeous, sunny weather... before tonight's nasty weather hits.

octanez didn't stick around for breakfast, but he sure is a good houseguest! He brought a bottle of Maker's Mark last night as a thank-you, along with a nice card that both he and Amy signed. After he said goodbye and hit the road this morning, I discovered he'd stripped all the linens off his bed and left them on top of the washing machine, too. He's welcome back any time. :-)

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