Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lazy Saturday...

I guess I should stop sitting around in my bathrobe, though it's kinda fun. Watched this week's "NCIS" while eating the oatmeal I made. Last of the canister. Need more. Excellent episode, actually.

While the oatmeal was cooking, I got a pleasant surprise... a call from lesr. He's one of two people who I'll be announcing soon as helping on the committee to pick future International Conferences, and it'll be good to work with him again on something.

I suppose it's just as well I stayed home this weekend instead of going up to Potsdam and Canton for the hockey games. Below-zero weather and a loss last night would've made today not so much fun. Suzanne took my tickets with her to see if there were any takers. Depending on when she got up there, hopefully she was at least able to give last night's away to someone who used them. I'm sure there will be folks looking for tickets for tonight's game.

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