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Other than a really irritating couple of e-mails on a mailing list I run, it's been a good Saturday.

A lazy afternoon ended with a fun Accord meeting, a quick trip to Best Buy to pick up "Phantom of the Opera," and then the gathering at keeyoo's place. I'm much happier with the second batch of corn bread, and I'll have to post the recipe over in recipe_sharing later. Also really tasty ham, courtesy of Michelle's brother, and pkdan's tasty potato salad. Had a great time playing with the kids for a bit, too.

Since I wasn't interested in the poker, I drove over to The RINK to join Tom watching the Sirens game. Since their game wasn't starting until 9:45, Tom and I sat in his car listening to the end of the Cornell game. Got to hear Cornell come from behind twice, tying it up at 3 and again at 4 against St. Lawrence, before going into overtime and coming away with a 4-4 tie. The one point for the weekend leaves the Red in a three-way tie for first place in the conference heading into a big weekend next weekend! Dartmouth and Harvard at home.

The Sirens game was fun; they were playing a Cornell women's club team, which unfortunately had an outstanding goaltender. The Cornell squad pulled off a 4-1 win despite some good play from the Sirens. A nice surprise was running into Megan-Mack, in the stands to see friends play. She made me promise to call so we can get together soon.

Sitting in the stands at The RINK is always a chilling experience. It's plenty warm at my house, but I'm still cold.

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