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Happy birthday, Meghan!

Meghan Agosta had a hat trick in today's Canada victory over Russia in Olympic women's ice hockey. It's Agosta's 19th birthday, and she seems to be having a good day! The final score was 12-0. Ouch. Right now they're featuring Jaromir Jagr, who's playing with the Czech Republic, in an intermission of the USA-Germany game.

Apparently, all DISH Network HD customers are getting all of the Olympics in HD, thanks to a special deal between DISH and NBC Universal. Too bad they didn't tell me that a few weeks ago! I might have gotten the HD equipment installed. It's OK, the game looks good anyway. I'm watching "live" through the TiVo rather than having it record, so it's at the top quality rather than losing anything through compression. But fear not, I can still pause and rewind.

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