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Cheney silence is no mystery...

Why is everyone trying to figure out why the White House and the Office of the Vice President waited until Sunday to allow the press to learn of Dick Cheney having shot his fellow hunter, Harry Whittington? The timing is really not so mysterious.

Had the story broken on Saturday, there would still have been time for the weekly newsmagazines to make a big deal of the breaking news if they wished; Saturday evening is pretty much the last moment for most of them to make changes to what gets printed and mailed, though even then, it has to be a big story to warrant it. And the major Sunday newspapers, like The New York Times, could have run front page stories.

This was a conscious decision. They didn't politely wait to allow the owner of the property to go to the local media at her convenience. It was a calculated move, and it has backfired for Cheney, as has the decision to keep him away from the press for two days.

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