Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Very cool...

Just watched the very straightforward, and yet very satisfying, launch of the EchoStar X mission by Sea Launch. I really like the idea of launching a spacecraft from the middle of the Pacific, right on the Equator.

They had a live webcast, and DISH Network is showing the launch live on DISH 101, which they use for their how-to programming and their corporate dog-and-pony-show programs. That's because EchoStar X is a new satellite for DISH Network, so they can expand programming. As I understand it, they specifically hope to expand their HDTV offerings, which is good... they have fallen a bit behind in that arena.

Sea Launch's host for the launch coverage is quite wooden, and the other people participating obviously aren't experts at live TV, but that's OK. That's not what they're there for. Nevertheless, I'm really enjoying the coverage... partly because I always like spaceflight, and for a change, this is a satellite that might figure directly in my life in the future.

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