Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Time for some travel?

Weird random dream that I meant to report but forgot about. I was in an airport with seity1 and for some reason we had left our stuff at the gate and wandered off, and the security guys didn't want to let us back in without our tickets... which were with our stuff. But I said "Look, you can come with me and look at the ticket if you like. We're flying from here to __." The guy flipped through a few sheets of paper, found our names on the list of travelers (ha!), and let us through.

It's a hockey weekend, and today I got to attend the Coach's Club lunch that precedes every home weekend, as Tom's guest. The lunches are at the Country Club, which looks nice since their renovation a couple of years ago, but as Tom put it, the bar looks very Holiday Inn Express. It's not bad, and I like the dark wood, but it does look pretty generic. The food was hot and tasty, which was a nice surprise for a banquet for a couple hundred, and the coach talked about the last couple of weekends, and the upcoming games.

Tomorrow's weather is really not ideal for the Chili Cookoff in downtown Ithaca. At least it should be precipitation-free, but it'll be cold. It's going to drop through the twenties into the teens overnight, and won't get out of the teens again until Sunday. This afternoon's wind is really wreaking havoc on the area, with lots of power outages reported, and schools closing early as a result.

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