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While at [info]Willow tonight, in between Denise's departure and Alan's arrival, I got to do a little updating to 14850 Dining. I'd spent some time earlier this week re-entering some of the entries that had vanished last year, and tonight I finally added a podcast.

WVBR's 14850 Dining Report, broadcast on the radio weekly, has been part of the WVBR Podcast for about a year and a half, off and on, but I figured it was time for it to have its own. It's just the same WVBR weekly minute-and-a-half, but now you can get just the dining ones, automatically. :-)

And, for the heck of it, I added a link to 14850_dining, here on LiveJournal, to the main page. Maybe it'll draw some LiveJournalers into the community who weren't aware of it.

Hooked someone new on "The Sopranos" tonight. Muahahaha. Nearly done with season four in HBO's daily reruns, and really looking forward to finishing season five so I can have that hour a day back! Also really looking forward to season six. The promos and production clips they are running after most nights' episodes are driving me absolutely crazy.

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