Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I'm out of practice...

I realized in the car on the way over to the airport that my Swiss Army knife was still in my pocket. Better then than after checking my luggage! I was able to slip it into my to-be-checked bag before checking it.

The sudden snowstorm this morning has slowed things down a bit, so we haven't left yet. I gather there was a fatal crash on I-481 a little while ago. If we actually get moving soon, I should still make my connecting flight to MSP. The counter agent was wrong when she told me we had a jet that would get us to Philly in half the scheduled time; we've got a Dash-8, a turboprop that, given the weather, may take the whole 1:10.

They've added a little food stand inside the secure area here, which is nice... but it's not open. They probably just bother during the heavy morning hours. I did have time to have a sandwich from the outer lobby snack bar, which is a relief, since I doubt I will have time in Philly any more. Good grilled turkey club sandwich, with bag of chips, $4.95. I wonder if they missed the "please gouge air travelers" memo.

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