Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Come visit me at the Charlotte airport, where I'll be for the next two hours or so.

Of course the ticket agent in Ithaca who assured me I'd make my connection, when I stressed that if I wasn't getting to MSP in time for tonight's festivities I wanted to stay in Ithaca and fly tomorrow, was wrong. She was also lying; the reason she was so sure I'd make it was that the jet we were going to be on takes half the scheduled time.

We weren't on a jet. We also sat on the runway for an extra twenty minutes, because PHL air traffic control wasn't ready for us to head their way yet.

While we sat there, I called US Airways, and was told that I and a couple of other MSP-bound folks had already been rerouted through Charlotte, since they were pretty sure we weren't going to make it. So I got on an Airbus A320, packed to the gills, for the hour or so flight from Philly to North Carolina. Yes, to go west to Minnesota, I've flown southeast, and then due south. :-P Also, to save weight because I knew I was only going to be on commuter planes both ways, I consciously left my laptop/plane power adapter home. Could've used it on the Airbus. Not that it's critical; I have another hour or so of power, and I should be able to find an outlet around here after I find some food.

But the Krispy Kreme here doesn't have hot donuts.

I did reach Marco, tonight's instigator and planner, and I may yet be able to join them mid-evening, if there aren't further delays. Can't tell you more, cause rustmon knows nothing yet!

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