Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Great time today!

Today was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I stayed until tomorrow... thanks partly to sharply lower airfares to return tomorrow instead of today. (Yes, enough to make up for the extra hotel room night.)

beeeej and I were picked up at 11:30 by Drew Morse, an old friend from camp who we haven't seen in 19 years! He's married, and has a two year old, Donovan, who came along for lunch. He's adorable! Drew really hasn't changed that much, though he's got less hair, a goatee, and a work ethic now. :-) He also brought along a stack of camp photos that were really weird to flip through. Lots of vaguely familiar faces, and a handful of folks I really remembered well. There were also recent pictures of Gordon and Fredy (his parents) and David (his brother), all of whom look great.

After that, aedifica picked me up at the hotel for a really nice afternoon and evening. We went back to the Minnesota Zoo, which I'd visited last time I was here, and got to see kitties! It's a somewhat abbreviated zoo in the winter, so it wasn't a problem that we got there with only a little over an hour until closing time. (We actually didn't really get chased out; the only person who seemed intent on our departure was the security guard who chirped, "Thanks for coming! Time to go!" as we were heading toward the doors. *rolls eyes*)

From there, we swung by Liza's apartment to pick up her student ID, so we could hit the law library for a book she needed for a class. Great to get a glimpse of the UM campus, which I'd last seen about ten years ago, including the beautiful art museum designed by Frank Gehry, a few neat academic buildings, and even Mariucci Arena, the hockey rink, in addition to the Walter F. Mondale Law School building.

And then it was dinner at [info]Ruth's Chris Steak House, which has a beautiful restaurant downtown. I'd last gotten to a Ruth's Chris in Louisville, and this one didn't disappoint. Nice to splurge on such dinners once in a while. :-) And I need to make some good steak soon at home. Pity I don't have the 1800-degree broiler.

Sad news from the manager, who stopped by the table to chat briefly, is that the original Ruth's Chris Steak House in New Orleans was a total loss; it was under four feet of water for a while. The restaurant in Metairie is intact and running, and they hope to get the Biloxi restaurant back up soon, then consider how to rebuild in New Orleans itself. I do hope to get to NOLA soon; maybe I'll drag everyone I know in the area to the Metairie restaurant.

I'm tired and could definitely use a good night's sleep. Thank goodness I got one Friday, because I sure didn't on Thursday night or last night! Both very late nights, more so because I'm an hour off from eastern time. Back to Ithaca tomorrow. I hope.

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