Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Customer satisfaction at the Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport

Since the hotel bill slipped under the door before you check out had a little sticker asking guests to let them know if there was any reason you couldn't give them a "10" on a satisfaction survey, I stopped by the front desk on my way out to share some of what went wrong or could have been done better. I was very clear that I give them an A for effort, and that their staff is very friendly, gracious, and accommodating.

They unfortunately have a top-down renovation going on at their hotel, they chose not to shut down the hotel to get it all done at once, and there will simply be customer inconveniences that result, whether it's reduced elevator capacity or noise starting at 8am. I even got a phone call the other morning from a member of the staff saying that another guest had complained I was banging on the wall, and could I please stop.

It's such a shame, because this is such a nice hotel, and they certainly did a great job with the wedding setup, the reception, and so on. I was pleasantly surprised that the lady at the front desk asked me if she could do something for me, such as a gift certificate or extra HHonors points. I said that a gift certificate would be great if it could be used at another Embassy Suites (say, the one in Philly!). It couldn't, so she credited me a night's stay instead. That wasn't the point of my sharing my concerns, but it was appreciated. I just hope they can get through the renovation quickly so they don't have to do that too often!

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