Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lake Line Pub

If the beer and cheese soup is any indication, the food here at the Lake Line Pub in the F concourse at MSP is fantastic! I called first thing this morning to see if the airline had seats available on earlier flights, so I could be sure not to get stranded by delays, but they didn't. They could only reroute me through Charlotte (sound familiar?) and get me home later. Nah.

But when I got to the airport (early, thank goodness), I discovered my first flight of the delay was already 40 minutes behind... two hours out. That would've used up most of the stop in Philly, risking my missing my connecting flight, so US Airways has booked me on Northwest's flight through Detroit. I'll get in about an hour and twenty minutes later, but I think my odds of actually arriving are good. If not, I get to find out what Northwest's customer service is like!

And yes, the burger's great, too. Mmm, havarti. Needs the kaiser roll featured in the menu description, though, rather than the pretty non-descript hamburger bun that showed up. Nothing whatsoever wrong with my pint of Leiney Red.

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