Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Made it home...

I got back after a terrific, long weekend. Thanks to Joy for picking me up at the airport, especially given the later arrival time. Fantastic wedding, and I met lots of neat people, several of whom I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with and seeing again. rustmon and ladybirdkiller have some great friends!

My first trip (ever? certainly in a while) on Northwest Airlines was uneventful and unremarkable. Except... there's a train, overhead, in the Detroit airport! That was remarkable. And I think I probably arranged to get points from both airlines for the trip home... US Airways because I paid them for the trip, and Northwest because they added my WorldPerks number to my record. (They were nice enough to look it up for me.)

Briefly toyed with volunteering to give up my seat when they asked. Could have flown back to Ithaca tomorrow or Elmira tonight, and ended up with free round-trip anywhere in the continental U.S. Decided not to make Joy drive to Elmira to get me, and while I pondered the other possibilities, another guy walked up. Being home is nice anyway.

And yes, I've just watched the last two episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" so pickled_cotton can rant at me about it. :-)


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