Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Time for a nap...

Up early for Ed Tech Day, of which I've gone to 14 out of the 16 years. Scary! A pleasant surprise... dansr stopped by to say hi, and we got to chat briefly in between radio broadcasts. Go see Mel perform at Rogue's Harbor tomorrow night and at Kilpatrick's on Saturday afternoon!

The WVBR Podcast has a recording of my brief interview with Tonya Engst of TidBITS. Live on the air, and recorded simultaneously thanks to PowerBook.

After Dan and I wrapped things up for the radio station's remote, I headed to Downtown Ithaca for a quick lunch at [info]Kilpatrick's Publick House with Laura, who works upstairs. So-so burger, so-so service, but great reuben and fries.

I'll probably be at work for a few more hours; plenty to do, yet.

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