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Cool. I've used several times to get discounted restaurant gift certificates, and they just sent out an e-mail offering a further 60% off.

If you're around here, they have deals like a Simeon's $25 gift certificate for $12.50 and a Garcia's $25 gift certificate for $10. Enter discount code 87539 at checkout to get 60% off that. (Special runs through March 31st.) So I just bought a pair of $25 gift certificates to Garcia's for $8.

There's generally a minimum purchase, not too onerous, such as $35 minimum check to use the $25 gift certificate at Garcia's. Great way to save money at a place you'd go to anyway, or to get a great discount on a place you haven't tried yet.

Go to and put in your ZIP Code to find restaurants near you; expand the search radius if you don't mind driving a bit. You can pay by credit card or PayPal, and print out your gift certificates moments later.

Disclaimer: The links are 14850 Dining affiliate links, and we get a small cut if you buy through them. If you'd rather we didn't get a cut, feel free to type the domain name alone.

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