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I smell like smoke...

That was a fun evening, beginning with Thai food with the kitties, then the first beer'n'burn of the season. A bit early; it was drizzling and flurrying on us, so we eventually went inside. More kitties to visit with, and of course Malcolm, the massive black lab.

The bonfire left me smelling a little smoky, but that's OK, I'm tossing these linens in the laundry this weekend anyway.

Got to try some cigars and guaro (sugar cane liquor) that Steph brought back from Costa Rica, and tasty cake and pie she made. I especially liked the raisin and date one. Brought her some fun tea, and brought lots of beer, dark chocolate, and french bread to share with everyone. All in all, it was a good way to end a so-so week.

I doubt I'll be awake much longer.

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