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Yup, it's over

The longest game in Cornell men's ice hockey history brought the Big Red tantalizingly close to the Frozen Four tonight, but less than nine minutes shy of two hours into an otherwise scoreless game, Wisconsin finally got the puck past David McKee. It was the second-longest NCAA tournament game, and the longest scoreless NCAA tournament game, ever. Cornell's junior netminder had an absolutely spectacular night, stopping all but that last of the Badgers' sixty shots on the net. This is why I hate overtime; the game, and in this case the last NCAA Frozen Four berth, is decided in an instant practically by the luck of the draw. But until that instant, Cornell was an instant away from going to Milwaukee in two weeks to contend for the NCAA championship.

So, no trip to Milwaukee for the Lynah Faithful, and a hockey season that's been both inspiring and frustrating is over with the game. I said last night that the outcome of tonight's game would depend on which Cornell showed up. Despite Age's contention that no Cornell team could ever beat Wisconsin, I felt that if the team with the crisp passing, fast skating, and powerful shots came to Resch Arena, the team that came from behind to win last night, they could do it. If the one that fell to Dartmouth in Hanover, the Tigers in Princeton, and Harvard at Lynah showed up, forget it. Well, it was the team that could have won, especially the McKee that could have posted one more shutout. These guys have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

I still kinda sorta wish I'd gone to Green Bay this weekend, though tonight would've been awfully frustrating... and exhausting. The Cornell contingent tonight was all but invisible, a small collection of fans wearing red and white amidst a sea of red and white Wisconsin fans playing in their home state. I'll get to Wisconsin someday... maybe to visit you, or you... or even you. But not this year.

Hockey continues nevertheless. I'll get to enjoy a weekend-full next week, as the Sirens participate in the Rochester invitational yet again. In other news, that was a pretty depressing "Grey's Anatomy" rerun.

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