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Perfect cup of coffee?

This has got to be pretty close to the perfect cup of coffee. Ron's wife gave him a coffee roaster and grinder set for his birthday, and he's been experimenting for the last few weeks, trying different raw beans and different lengths of roasting time.

This is the Colombian Supremo, roasted for (I think) twenty-seven minutes, until the beans (which start out green) were "black and shiny." The lighter roast he tried was about 20 minutes, and Ron says you wouldn't believe it's the same coffee.

It's got a wonderful flavour, and the dark roast gives it just the right bitterness. I like all kinds of coffee, from cheap diner coffee to the really pricey stuff, and this is just a great cup of mid-day coffee. It's one of those simple pleasures that isn't quite matched by the stuff they serve us free at work... even after they switched vendors and switched to thermal air pots last fall.

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