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Nice mall... too crowded...

This is why I don't go to malls around Christmas. I spent more time driving on the mall property, along the perimeter road and looking for parking, then trying to get out to the highway, than I did driving the 20 miles to and from Palisades Center from my folks' house this afternoon.

But I did get this laptop squared away at the Apple Store, so it was worth the drive. I'd never been to an Apple Store before, and I guess it's just as well I went with a purpose, and not just as a tourist the way some of my friends have. :-)

They didn't charge me for anything... not that I really took up much of their time, but it was nice of them to let me use their system software CD to get this borrowed laptop back on track.

Also got two pair of shoes at Payless... buy one, second pair's half off! Woo!

Time for bed... more later! Happy New Year, all!

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