Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Fun road trip!

A couple of months ago, stephania1186 started talking about the Black Student Union fashion show she was going to be in, and how we should all come see it. I've been saying all along that I wanted to come, but I don't think she believed me until I told her last week that seity1 and I were coming, and I'd reserved a hotel room. :-) keeyoo decided to join us, too, so she could see her kid on stage.

So, Saturday morning, the three of us set out for Fredonia, where I'd never been before. We took the Southern Tier route, heading down Route 13 (via Ithaca Beer to grab some fresh pilsner from guinness_duck) to take I-86 west. Other than the occasionally torrential rain, it was a decent and easy trip.

We had a good early dinner (and late lunch, honestly) at the [info]Ellicottville Brewing Company, a restaurant on a corner in downtown Fredonia serving good pub food and local beers (Ellicottville and the actual brewery are about 30 miles away.) Excellent Buffalo flatbread pizza if not quite spicy enough... and a good burger that would have been great if they'd used fresh mushrooms instead of canned.

We still had some time to kill, so Michelle and Denise and I explored the SUNY Fredonia campus for a bit. I'll add a few photos from our walk to my Flickr photostream later.

The show itself was a lot of fun, laid out as themed skits with different types of clothes being modeled. A few times, the cleverly took advantage of the fact that they had just three white participants in a mostly black group of models, but most of the time it didn't seem to matter much. Stephanie really seemed to have fun strutting around the stage, and looked great, as you can see from the pictures. Unfortunately, too many of the pictures came out too blurry, or the shutter snapped a little too late, but I did get some good shots.

Denise and MiloWe got to hang out with Steph at EBC after the show (good root beer, too!) and again yesterday morning for a fantastic brunch at the Upper Crust before heading back to Ithaca. We took the northern route this time, across the Thruway and down the east shore of Cayuga Lake so we could drop Michelle off at her mom's house. We got to visit Milo and Malcolm! (Nice to see Carolyn and Sarah, too, of course.) Milo's whiskers still show signs of being singed, but otherwise he's doing great, and he and Malcolm were both in playful moods. (Big surprise.) I'd seen Malcolm a couple of times, but it was my first chance to see Milo since the fire; this picture is him from about a month ago. I popped some Loratadine on the way out (better late than never) and changed out of my cat-hair-covered clothes when I got home. :-)

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