Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Two 2BR apartments available

My friend Dave asked me to help spread the word that two 2-bedroom apartments in his building on Sapsucker Woods Road will be available for lease for the upcoming academic year, beginning in August. It's one of several four-apartment buildings out there, and from my explorations, it's one of the ones in better shape! Dave bought this building last year; two of the four apartments are still spoken for. The available ones are the two apartments (upstairs and downstairs) set away from the road.

The TCAT 31 bus stops right outside, so it's easy to get around even if you don't have a car. (That bus goes to the airport, post office, CMC Convenient Care, Cornell campus, law school, Collegetown, and the Commons in Downtown Ithaca, where you can transfer to get just about anywhere else.) It's just a few minutes down Hanshaw Road to the Community Corners shopping center, or a couple of minutes out to Route 13, but it's a nice quiet residential area, walking distance to the Lab of Ornithology or to Ludgate Farms. There's off-street parking; ask about garage spaces.

The rent is $1150 a month, heat included. (Dirty dishes are your responsibility.) Water is not included, and reportedly costs about $16 a month. Academic year or full year leases available. Contact Dave at if you're interested.

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