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No! I'm not ready for a new laptop!

Dunno if it was my subconscious trying to get me a new laptop the way beeeej was forced into getting his, but I just tripped over my power cord and sent the PowerBook careening to the floor. Last time I did that, I broke off the tip of the power adapter, and had to buy a new one. (That's one of the calamities Apple's new MagSafe power adapter is designed to prevent.) This time, the trackpad button got stuck down, but I was able to free it.

There's a remaining bend in the front edge of the aluminum case, but it's intact and everything seems to work. It closes and goes to sleep fine, the power adapter still works, and the DVD drive is working. *phew* Definitely not ready to spring for a new laptop yet, both because of upcoming (and recent) travel expenses tying up my disposable income, and because the model I'm hoping to buy hasn't been introduced yet! The 15" MacBook Pro that Jeff just got would be fine, but I'm really hoping for a widely rumoured 13"ish widescreen replacement for the 12" PowerBook I have now, so I can stick with smaller and lighter. I figure that'll be introduced soon, and perhaps the 15" model will be refreshed a little at the same time. So, sometime this year, I'll probably buy a new laptop and sell this to someone who doesn't need a high-end one.
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