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Where'd this come from?

Can anyone identify the original source of this text? I just found it in e-mail to a friend from seven years ago, and there's no indication of a source... but I'm pretty sure I didn't write it. :-) Sounds almost like an Apple ad.

What if dreams came true, and you could be who you wanted to be?
You could do what you wanted to do?
And you could help who you wanted to help?

What if dreams came true, and the world opened up, and you were never, ever afraid?

What if dreams came true?
But dreams do come true.
Don't they?

Heh. Never mind. My first Google attempt revealed nothing, but the second told me what it was and where it was from. For the sake of those who want to think about it, I'm not going to reveal the answer here! Feel free to guess in comments. :-)

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