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Hola from NOLA

We made it! Other than the lack of a pilot delaying our last leg from Charlotte to New Orleans, it was an uneventful travel day... my favourite kind. Our pilot eventually got in from Dayton, and flew us in a little less than an hour late. John picked us up, and we went back to his place for a margarita before deciding which of two late-night gigs to go see.

John's long day at Jazz Fest caught up with him, though, and he decided sleep would be a better idea, since we have to get up tomorrow morning to pick up Judy and spend another long day at Jazz Fest. Was the right decision; he's dozing on the couch while we watch the Sabres-Senators playoff game on his TiVo. I'll be ready to doze soon, too.

Already talked to marrus and quiet_ness, and looking forward to seeing them and others!

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