Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


We were all completely zonked out after two days of Jazz Fest, and after having a bite to eat near John's last night at Cooter Brown's, we were all drifting off... so we all went to bed.

We'll start today out at zikzak5's sister's place, Crepes a la Cart near Tulane. Then John has a couple of appointments, during which seity1 and I will drive Judy to the airport. Anyone want to find lunch with us?

We're talking about getting a Yo Mama burger and probably visiting Cafe du Monde in the Quarter tonight, but nothing's certain yet. I'm glad we got to stroll around there a bit the other night, but sadly Judy will miss out on Bourbon Street. At least she got a couple of beignets at the Jazz Fest yesterday!

Hopping in the shower momentarily, but call me after 9 if you want to catch up with us.

Jazz Fest itself was absolutely incredible, and I'll be writing more about it soon. We all got drenched yesterday afternoon, but it certainly didn't dampen any spirits. They made an announcement from the stage that Fats Domino had been taken to the hospital, and so wouldn't be performing. Happily, a couple of hours later, he was on stage to say hi! He still didn't play, but he wanted to show everyone he was doing OK, I guess. He got quite a roar from the crowd.

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