Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

NOLA needs you!

One of the most striking things about 2006 New Orleans is that lots of businesses are desperate to hire. Lots of the workforce is still gone... and, to put it bluntly, most of the people who've got the resources and drive to come back aren't the fast-food-jobs sort. The result is that most of the fast food restaurants that are open again, or trying to reopen, are offering $125/week bonuses and $9-10/hour wages. If you can find a place to live (not a given, I recognize), you can make a living.

No doubt anyone with demolition, renovation, or building skills (or, even better, their own equipment) can make lots of money... and do quite a service in an area where there's undoubtedly years worth of work left to do and a finite number of people available to do it.

Honestly, I suspect there are job openings in all sorts of fields, either already or coming soon, as the area rebuilds itself. marrus really made me think by asking me if I could see myself living there. I think the answer is... maybe. :-) Aside from being certain that I would hate the weather every summer (not even counting the hurricanes), I'm not sure if I know enough about the area to feel that I'd be comfortable living there as opposed to just visiting. (I know I love visiting.)

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