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Home, sweet home

I'm home, safe and intact and on time, after a day spent zipping around the Greensboro area, hanging out with Les and Heather and friends and family. Heather's dad is a trip, fun to chat with, and when her mom can get a word in edgewise, she's neat, too. :-) Also enjoyed meeting several friends, such as the family we went to Ham's with before I headed to the airport.

Today also included visits to two airport Marriotts. Les gave Heather and me a tour of the Greensboro one, and I'm confident it would be an excellent site for a future conference. Then several hours later, I met Tony and Annie at the Philadelphia one for a beverage (and a snack for me). Very similar decor between the two hotels, but the Philly hotel is just a little grander and a good bit bigger. A generous scotch pour and some tasty seafood chowder nicely complemented the pleasant company, making for a much nicer two-hour layover than just sitting in F terminal the whole time would have afforded. I appreciated them schlepping out to the airport for a visit!

Chilly in Ithaca when I got back -- 43 -- so after I got my luggage, I swapped the sandals on my feet for the socks and sneakers I'd taken off this morning not long after putting them on. The 30 seconds of walking across the tarmac in sandals in the low 40s was easily justified by the several hours of enjoying the sandals in warm weather. :-)

Off to bed shortly. I hope everyone enjoys their Mondays!

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