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Today was the third time I've mowed the lawn, and it's never been clearer why it's tempting to pay someone else to deal with it. :-) It's definitely hard work, but not unmanageably so... but the blister is annoying. I suspect I will get the hang of avoiding that. Not sure whether leather work gloves would help, or hurt. My hands are even still vibrating. Still not used to a gas mower; when I mowed the lawn as a kid, it was always a push mower... but with an eighth of an acre, that was enough. :-) And, I'm glad it's in the mid 70s, not the forecast mid 80s.

Anyway, I'm glad I swept off the deck and deck furniture before mowing. The Roomba and washing machine have been busy, too.

I'm amused that Johnny's lawyer, trying to talk in code during a jail visit on "The Sopranos," is babbling about coffee with chicory. I should make some. :-) Haven't had coffee since Friday morning.

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