Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Alan's performance yesterday

Here's a video of one of Alan's songs from his performance at the Ithaca Festival yesterday, shared with his permission. If you wished you'd had a chance to see him play, but the rain or other activities kept you away, here's your chance! I'm glad I went down to the Festival for a bit despite the crappy weather; I got to see Alan as well as a few minutes of Paso Fino, so I got to two of the three acts at 7pm that I was interested in.

"This is about not getting caught in a bad situation." I've got an iPod-ready version of this, as well, that I'll probably put somewhere at some point.

If I were to get serious about creating music videos, I'd probably use a tool other than a teensy digital camera with no tripod... and I'd hook up to the sound board. :-)

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