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The downside to listening to the iPod at work...

Some songs reliably make me tear up.

That's true of some TV shows, too, such as the finale to "Quantum Leap," which I watched last night, and the "ER" episode with Mark's family in Hawaii, but at least that's at home!

This morning's keynote talk by Paul Glen, author of Leading Geeks, was surprisingly engaging and funny. Paul's a Cornell alum who was invited to speak at today's "IT Forum," and I think did a great job. There were certainly some folks who didn't quite buy it, but that's OK. His premise is that managing IT people bears no resemblance to managing other groups of workers, and while I already knew that... he managed to make the reasons (and what to do about it) a lot clearer.

Unfortunately, the hundreds of people in the Statler Auditorium for Paul's talk then proceeded up to Biotech for the lunch sponsored by Verizon Wireless and EMC, and swamped G10... which on most occasions is a nice big room! Filled with vendor tables and geeks trying to get at pizza, though, it was really packed for an hour or so. I suppose there aren't many affordable and practical ways to feed a group that size, but the crappy plain sheet pizzas were kinda disappointing, especially for a "sponsored" lunch. (At least they were cold!)

I briefly considered buying a sandwich on my way out, or getting something on the way back to the office, but decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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