Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Freshly showered...

Just finally took a shower after getting back from camping, unpacking the car, and putting stuff away... then relaxing in the basement to cool off from the above! It was certainly starting to get hot in the Poconos this morning, but I was astonished at the mid-90s temperatures my car told me about as I drove, air-conditioned, through Pennsylvania.

It was a good weekend of R&R (reading and relaxation), great food and drink, and hanging out with friends, i.e. just what the doctor ordered. There will be pictures later. As usual, there was a surprising variety of surprisingly good food (so I guess not so surprising any more), such as lemon-pepper chicken, multigrain pancakes, and jambalaya. I brought along the t-bones I got from roosterhillfarm, and they were delicious! (Again, not so surprising any more.) Grilled them over an open flame after rubbing with fresh garlic and sprinkling with a little salt and freshly ground pepper. (Am I the only one who brings a pepper mill on a camping trip?) Those went over very well, and went well with the roasted sweet potatoes and sliced portobellos and onions that I cooked atop the grill in a pocket of tin foil.

There were lots of people I already know well, but I was very happy to get to know Chris better and meet, then get to know, his girlfriend. They're fun, and were a big part of this weekend's culinary impressiveness. They showed up with several pieces of cast iron (I brought just one), including a dutch oven your grandmother would have approved of, Michelle! That piece was just used once, to great effect... making camping peach cobbler.

I never got around to hopping in the pool; I probably would have this afternoon if we didn't have to leave midday. But I did get to the nearby flea market for some browsing. Picked up another pair of cheap sunglasses, and dragged the group over to the awesome Cuban food stand where Amy and I split a Cuban pressed sandwich, and Steph and Sean had some empanadas. I shared the first bottle of Malta Goya, so had to go back for another one. :-)

Dove into "Digital Fortress" (an early Dan Brown novel) and got about a third of the way in. Sat around a lot, and never bothered getting to the pool they added a couple of years ago. Amy and I did watch about half of last night's hockey game, though... on a 19"ish TV mounted above the door in the pavilion or game-room attached to the campgrounds office/store. We could barely see the puck most of the time, but that's OK, neither could Ward.

I had e-mailed Stephen a few days ago before deciding what meat to bring for last night's dinner, asking, "Do I remember correctly that one of you doesn't eat lamb?" He confirmed that Kiki doesn't eat lamb, but that he eats anything, "except maybe haggis." So I had to bring along the can of haggis I'd brought back from John's place in New Orleans, and I cooked it for this morning's breakfast. Stephen was leery at first, but ended up wolfing down three servings. I hardly got to have any! For canned haggis, it was quite good.

Now off to [info]Felicia's Atomic Lounge to see Liz Stahler play and hang out with Eli!

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