Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dinner with exmalibu's parents

OK, not really. I was actually dining with zikzak5, who I hadn't had a chance to see since he got back to town, up at [info]Franco's. But Josh's parents and Deborah Sam were eating there, too, at the other end of the outdoor deck. I stopped by briefly to say hi and chat for a moment, and Shelley seems happy in retirement, having sold Knitting Machines Etc. last December. She and her husband both made a face when I mentioned I'd gone camping this weekend. :-) She hoped I meant I'd stayed in a five-star hotel with a view of the woods, and then she and Tonie both told me about some of their past camping attempts. They felt better when I explained that we go all out on food!

Speaking of food, we had a decent meal, but it certainly wasn't Franco's at its best. We ended up getting up there pretty late, so we were catching the staff at the end of a long day, and it showed. We took advantage of the Tuesday Pasta Night "buy one pasta dish, get one free" deal, had a couple of appetizers, and each took home leftovers for lunch. My shrimp bella rosa wasn't spicy, which kinda defeats the purpose, but they added some spice to it and it wasn't bad.

We got a chance to chat with Tim, one of the owners, for a few minutes after dinner, and I'm looking forward to getting up there on a Monday night to have some Ralph's ribs. :-)

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