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While I was out on the deck, I guess, a delivery arrived. It was inside the front storm door. I ripped open the shipping bag to find not my experimental black WVBR t-shirt, but a trio of t-shirts... saying "Bride," "Groom," and "Mother of the Bride." Gee, I hope the wedding these are for isn't this weekend!

The faint sounds of thunder and periodic raindrops brought me back in the house, though I guess it would be too dark to read outside at this point anyway. Planning a relaxing evening. Last night was an unexpected pleasure... since I was in Lansing for a meeting, a couple of blocks away, I stopped by to the folks on Myers Road, and ended up relaxing there with them for three and a half hours! Elvis the kitten is impossibly cute, and Malcolm is extremely patient with him.

I love Frances Sternhagen. And I might just get hooked on "The Closer."
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