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Do snails bark?

Very soon after I woke up, I had to contemplate that very question, as I was sitting downstairs and a barking sound came from the general vicinity of the snail tank. Twice.

I got up and peeked past the windowshade, and discovered the source of the barking was a small, black dog, standing on the walk right in front of my window. No humans were visible from that vantage point. I went and put on my bathrobe and opened the front door, and a small orange cat darted down the driveway and across the street. No sign of the dog. Perhaps he'd transmogrified.

JP answered my "Is the Lagavulin 12-year worth $35?" txt message at about 3am, apparently; the periodic "You still have a message" beep woke me at 7. His answer? "No." Glad I skipped it. :-) Fell asleep again, and woke up a few hours later when my father told me it was time to wake up. Nope, he's not here. Can't recall any particular details of the dreams that convinced me I was asleep, not just lying awake in bed.

Right now watching Germany trounce Sweden, and looking forward to Mexico-Argentina on ESPNHD at 2:55. Care to join me?

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