Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Eek! I'm drinking Pepsi!

Eek! I'm drinking Pepsi!
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Normally I can't stand the stuff, but sometimes if I happen to be on campus around lunchtime during the summer, I'll get hot dogs at the seasonal stand in front of Day Hall... and often a "meal deal" that includes a soda. Normally I'd get a root beer or something (cause Pepsi is just not my thing), but today... I had to get the Pepsi. Guess why.

I also normally really dislike having to go to campus for a meeting, especially in Day Hall, but the hot dog stand is a nice a) motivator and b) reward for the pain. I almost always get one with sauerkraut and one with cheese. I haven't tried the chili lately. I should, but this lineup is a hard habit to break! Maybe if I got there more often.

I'm looking at the doppler radar, and I think we're in the middle of a convenient hole in the one-after-another set of storms. It's sunny and a bit steamy out, but the picnic table back at the office (made of some non-wood composite) was plenty dry by the time I needed to use it. There was a wonderful cool breeze this morning, and there was an interlude of nice and sunny, but I think we're heading back into the drenching zone.

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