Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Superman Returns" a tribute to seven decades of Superman

This is, if nothing else, a Superman fan's film. "Superman Returns" begins with an updating of the cosmic opening credits sequence from the 1978 Richard Donner film, and proceeds with two and a half hours of nods to nearly seventy years of Superman tradition. There's homage to just about every incarnation of the Man of Steel's deep oeuvre, and they still manage to fit a story in between the throwaway lines and the cameos.

Photo: Superman Returns"Superman Returns" chronicles, well, the return of our caped visitor from another planet after an unexplained, five-year absence. I'm not sure "I had to go see the remains of my dead home planet for myself" would hold up well to close scrutiny as an excuse for vanishing without so much as a word, never mind the hard-to-miss overlap of Clark Kent's absence from work visiting llamas, but the filmmakers don't dwell on it -- they just get it out there and get back to the story.

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