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I miss baseball...

Real baseball. Not that stuff they do on TV, but the games you go to with your seat cushion, buy raffle tickets, pick up an extra cap if it's really hot and sunny, grab a hot dog or two, laugh at the little kids running around, and watch the best and brightest of baseball's future.

Running into Martin, the Ithaca Lakers' PA announcer, at Brandon's party has made me really reminisce about those great mid-'90s summers and lots of fun evenings on South Hill at the games. (And, Debra's post about Yankees TV rebroadcasts is the direct trigger for this post.)

The Lakers are why I joined WVBR's sports staff; they're directly responsible for my last 14 years of involvement with the radio station, and indirectly responsible for lots of related things that I'd never have gotten into. BFG and FOBFOG? Never would've heard of them. The 14850 Dining Report? Would never have happened. Wouldn't know the Thuesens, and wouldn't have gotten several of my web gigs.

We should be about halfway through the Northeast Collegiate Baseball League season right now. and if the Lakers still existed, I'd be looking forward to spending the evening up at IC in a few days, first for a baseball game and then for the community fireworks to follow. I loved avoiding the rush to get up the hill and find parking for the fireworks, having already gotten my spot hours earlier. (But forget about leaving right after the fireworks.)

I've been to pro games at several ballparks, and for a while there, Henning and I and assorted friends were popping down to the city each spring for opening weekend at Shea. That rocked. Except when it was 40 and pouring. No doubt Beth remembers. I was at a game at Fenway right before the strike, went to the Stick, I've been to the House that Ruth Built lots of times (with a few of you, even), and even got to a Mets game at Wrigley.

Speaking of the pros, I just went and looked, and there are two Ithaca Lakers alums currently in the majors, plus one retired major leaguer. :-)

I think I need to go find a real ball game soon.

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