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Twelve hours of sleep

I ended a week with lots of ups and downs (though the downs were more dramatic) with a pleasant Friday evening, and then I went to sleep early... and slept for twelve hours.

Started the evening at my office, heating up the leftover food J.P. hadn't wanted at lunch. He should, but doesn't, know better; he goes to places with weird food (Korean, in this case) and doesn't listen to friends' advice when they tell him what they think he'll like there! He ordered bi bim bab with chicken, and mostly stared at it.

Part of the issue was that he wasn't all that hungry yet; it was early in the day for him to eat anyway, since we were starting lunch at 11:30. Also, what should have been the most approachable part of the dish for him, the chicken, more closely resembled sawdust. I've never seen such finely chopped chicken! So, I enjoyed it, then drove across town to Pyramid Mall.

The visit to the mall was for a few things. I wanted to stop in at Dick's Sporting Goods, where WVBR was doing a remote broadcast. They were officially there until 7, but maybe I just missed them, arriving a few minutes before. The last on-air appearance of a remote that ends at 7 would likely be around 6:50. Or, it's a big store, maybe I just didn't spot Chris and company. I did find something I was looking for; I'll buy it on another visit, with one of the $5 off coupons on the back of every Cornell hockey ticket.

Wandered down to Pampered Pets to get a refund for their accidental overcharge; they charged me for a much bigger bag of gravel than I'd actually bought, when I got my fish setup a few weeks ago. Very smooth; they calculated the difference with tax and then credited it to the credit card I'd used for the purchase.

Then over to Borders, where Roger Stern was appearing in support of his new "Smallville" novel, Strange Visitors. I finished reading the book last weekend, having gotten it about a month ago during WGW, and brought it along for Roger to sign. Several people, including some kids, had obviously come just to see Roger, which I'm sure was gratifying -- and I'm not even counting the people I knew, who I expected to see! (I hadn't expected to see Bill, but wasn't surprised to.)

Roger was very engaging, and talked well to the kids, answering questions and chatting about what he'd written, how it had come to be, and so on. He mentioned that he got to have Clark do something in his book that he's never done before, in any medium. After figuring out what he was talking about (no spoilers!), I thought about it, and he's probably right. It certainly never happened on the TV or radio shows, didn't happen in the movies, and I'm inclined to take his word for it that it hasn't happened in some 65 years of comics.

Left Borders a bit before eight to drive home and listen to the rest of the hockey game, Cornell playing at Vermont. I was stunned to turn on the car radio and hear Adam say it was 6-0 Cornell, early in the second period. I listened to the rest of the game, mostly in my living room listening to a painful WHCU signal that gave me a headache. Cornell really needs to put its athletics broadcasts on an FM station, or at least an AM one that doesn't turn down its transmitter every night.

Vermont never scored, and Cornell added two more. Eight different Cornell players scored the eight goals in last night's game. I gather that's a record, which is pretty cool. At one point, Adam had just mentioned that a certain line hadn't yet scored, and then suddenly they did.

Tonight, Cornell's at Dartmouth, then Harvard and Brown come to town next weekend.

After the game, I chatted online briefly with a couple of people, but was tired enough that it felt like a good idea to crawl into bed at about ten. I read for a little bit, then fell asleep.

This morning... relaxing with bathrobe and a mug of tea with honey, enjoying the view out the window of an inch of snow!

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