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I suppose it shouldn't surprise me...

Apparently, the black KSC SWAT armoured vehicle that trails the "Astrovan," the converted Airstream in which the astronauts travel out to the launch pad, is equipped with anti-aircraft weaponry.

HDNet is once again providing all-day coverage, and we're getting to watch the convoy of astronauts and security vehicles head out to Launch Pad 39-B. It's a longer drive than you'd expect, something like 20 minutes; they take a pretty circuitous route to protect the wetlands that make up much of the Space Coast.

No one explained anything when the white SUV in the lead stopped at one of the intersections and the driver got out for a moment. Maybe he needed a smoke break? They're pulling up to the pad now. The weather looks much worse at this point today than it did yesterday, but maybe things will clear up in time for the scheduled launch in about three and a half hours.

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