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But we just moved!

My workgroup in CIT (Cornell Information Technologies) just changed buildings in May, joining some other folks from our group (I&D, a division of CIT) who were already in the hinterlands. This afternoon, we learned that, because another group (BIS, another division of CIT) wants all its staff on one floor, we will have to vacate our recently and expensively refitted-for-us space on the first floor.

We're going to be moved either to the second floor, which is not reachable from inside the building except by the single slow elevator, or to the basement, which has no windows and is even farther away from our colleagues on the second floor.

The general consensus seems to be that we should push for the second-floor space, so we can all be on the second floor and so we can be near windows, even if we don't all have them, even if we end up with slightly smaller spaces. I guess the good news would be that my plant, which has been increasingly unhappy in our current far-from-windows space, would stop dying.

All this may happen in December, or may happen in February. Then again, considering the move in May was "right around the corner" for nearly a year, I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

I'm trying to keep remembering that at least I have a job.

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