Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


I'm glad I stifled the impulse to put on long pants or closed shoes this morning when I heard it was likely to be rainy today. It's not too warm in the office, yet, but the air seems like it's not moving. Shorts and sandals are a lot comfier.

Good weekend at Shore Leave, despite the hotel frustrations, about which more later. Excellent late lunch or early dinner at [info]Cracker Barrel (I ate breakfast there, anyway) on the way back up, and then a fantastic time at elizabetheileen's birthday party! I hit Cortland just after the dramatic thunderstorm started, and got to wade through several inches of water in the street to get to the party! Enjoyed the light show outside for a bit, too.

Speaking of stuffy, if you're trying to reach me by e-mail, the server is again having trouble accepting incoming messages, so it may be a while before your e-mail gets through. There should be no need to resend it; it'll arrive eventually.

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