Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

On War

The current mess in the Middle East is really exercising my impartiality. I'm predisposed to think Israel is in the right, so I'm trying particularly hard to keep an open mind. Reading cedarseed's journal is helping me maintain perspective; she lives in Beirut, and is as much an innocent hostage to the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel as my cousins are. I'm having trouble seeing it as a fight between Israel and Lebanon, for the simple reason that, in a sense, Lebanon was just sitting there.

I know, it's more complicated than that. Has Lebanon been sitting idly by while Hezbollah operates within its borders? Is there something the Lebanese government could have been doing about it? I think it's naive to imagine that any country, never mind one in such a volatile area, has sufficiently firm control within its borders that it can be held responsible for everything going on there. Heck, look at the U.S. We have our own homegrown terrorists (no, I'm not talking about Cheney et al) as evidenced by the Murrah Federal Building attack and the recent arrests in Miami. Is the U.S. government, or are the American people, responsible for anything a U.S.-based terrorist might do?

sineman_rss's thoughts on the subject seem overly simplistic, but then his stances (as often as I agree with them) usually are. What separates the Israeli attacks in my mind from terrorist behaviour is that they are dropping warning leaflets to get civilians away from their targets before they hit them. But that doesn't mean civilians aren't dying (they obviously are, on both sides) or that the survivors aren't sharply affected by the damaged infrastructure.

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