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Good time at last night's German beer dinner...

Hank and Me
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As I wrote in 14850_dining earlier, [info]Franco's Restaurant did a wonderful job catering last night's German Beer Dinner that the Cornell Alumni Association of the Ithaca Area held at Ithaca Beer. Chef Ralph Moss, formerly of Ralph's Ribs, outdid himself on a dinner of bratwurst, German potato salad, rice and veggies, sauerkraut, grilled onions, and German chocolate cake.

I'm really pleased with how everything went, including Camille from Franco's quickly ordering two baked zitis when we realized that the two vegetarian attendees were not going to be able to eat the German potato salad, which contained bacon, leaving them with only the veggies and rice as their whole meal. Renting thirty chairs from Taylor Rental was even smooth. It's the first time in ages I've had to rent anything from them. We used to rent plates and silverware and such for big dinners at the fraternity. Conveniently, Moni's Forester has been living at my house while she's in Germany for the summer, so I borrowed that. (Gotta exercise it periodically anyway.) I don't think there's any way I'd've fit thirty chairs in my car.

Lisa took this picture of me with Hank Dullea, a former VP at Cornell, local politico, and fellow hockey fan, and there were lots of other fun folks there, including Kelly and Russ (Kelly is sajego's aunt and Burr's daughter), Laura and Jim, and Staci.

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