Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Meeting and Microsoft

Last night started with a Maker's manhattan at a campaign meeting... we were gathering for Peter Meskill's re-election campaign for Tompkins County Sheriff and a few of us took the opportunity to have an after-work beverage. Most of the folks are people I've been involved in other campaigns with, so it was kind of a reunion!

Then I got the lawn mowing done, which was a good thing, since it poured late last night. In between the mowing and the rain, I worked on Alan's laptops, wrestling to transfer two years' worth of mail from Microsoft Outlook on Windows to Microsoft Entourage on Mac OS. This would have been easy if he'd been using Outlook with an Exchange server, but no... he was just using it as a dumb POP3 client. Inexplicably, Microsoft has provided no means whatsoever to convert local Outlook mailbox files to Entourage mailbox files.

The solution turns out to be getting an account on an Exchange server, moving mailboxes from your local Outlook setup to the Exchange server, and then accessing the Exchange server from Entourage and moving the mailboxes down. Gah. This is made vastly more difficult by the fact that both Outlook and Entourage are limited to dealing with one identity at a time, which made for lots of exporting and importing.

Happily, there's a company called MailStreet that offers quite affordable accounts on their Exchange server, and even a 30-day free trial. Very pleasant to deal with online and by phone, if you should need such a service.

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