Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Cool Thoughts

Yay! It's cooling off! My menu-bar weather display says it's 91 degrees now, down from 93 a little while ago. I'm skeptical. ;-) The personal weather station in Fall Creek shows 93.6.

I made tea in an empty peanut jar last week, and popped it in the refrigerator under my desk, so I can have fresh iced tea later today. I also put the half cup of coffee left in the pot in a styrofoam cup and tossed that in the refrigerator, rather than dumping it to make the next pot for someone else. (I wish all my coworkers would bother making the next pot.) Iced coffee will be good instead of hot this afternoon.

This is one of those rare days where I like the idea of working in the basement. It's nice and air-conditioned down here. Odds are I'll be moving up to the second floor soon, within view of a window and a skylight; apparently they sometimes have trouble keeping it from getting too hot up there. We'll see. I can always take wade-in-the-gorge breaks.

Oop! The personal weather station just went up to 94. Our forecast is for "near record highs," up to 97, though in theory it could top 100. It's also quite humid, so the heat index forecast is 105 to 110. Yuck.

Stay hydrated and stay cool!

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